Ultrasonic Bat Repellent have special features to adjust the sound wave frequencies. The volume intensifies to such an extent that the bats just try to leave the place. The effect can be around 5000 square feet of area around the device.

The sound waves that emit out of the device vary constantly in several patterns before the bats get adjusted to a specific pattern. This annoys them and change their behavior.

Before you buy one, you need to consider how big the mammal crowd is and how distant are they from your living space. Based on these two factors, you need to start the devices and regularly monitor how effective the results are, for every 2 to 3 weeks.

If you find that the crowd is not diminishing, then adjust the frequency and volume to a different pattern. Keep a check regularly and make adjustments accordingly, till you find all of them away from the roosting area.

These sound waves emitted through these devices interfere with echolocation. This might sometimes result in leading an environment that is inhospitable to these animals.

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The device works to offer effective results by exhibiting sound waves at varied frequencies. You can plug the device into any household outlet, from where the sound waves reach the bats effectively.

Ultrasonic Repellent

Ultrasonic Bat Repellent are improved versions of electronic models. The basic theme of these devices is to exhibit sound waves that irritates bats, flies, pests and various other bugs.

But they different from electronic versions in the way that the sounds cannot be heard by humans or pets. Therefore, humans can be free from sounds while the insects, bugs and bats cannot.

The sounds made by these devices reach up to 30 feet height. Specialists say that the bats have a super sensitive hearing power.