Removing bats

There are different species of bats found in the USA. The big brown rat, little brown bat, and Mexican free-tailed bat are common bats in the United States. Bats can become a pest if they set up residence within your building with their droppings, urine and squeaking sounds. There are no chemical solutions we have found that get rid of bats (Removing bats). The best bat control is to repel them. Follow the link below to get rid of bat problems.

Bat Behavior and Biology

Most of the time bats root in natural shelters like drainage pipes, hollow trees, and caves, but can roost and breed within occupied buildings during warm weather.

During the first warm days of spring, most bats leave their overwintering/hibernating sites and enter structures. Most of these bats are females preparing to birth in June and July.

  1. Inspection
    • Inspect possible exit and entry points that the bats are using and any structural defects that the bats are using for entry. Common entry areas include louvers, roof lines. Openings of 3/8 inch or larger are sufficient for bat entry. Droppings on the ground, smudge marks, odor, noise can also give you a clue to their entry/exit points.
    • Inspect twice, at first dusk when the bats are first emerging and the second one during the daytime to find roosting areas. Unless it is unseasonably cold or rainy, bats will emerge each evening.
    • Inspect the roof line right before dusk. It may be necessary to position two or more people at different angles of the structure to view multiple roof lines at a time when the bats are emerging. This will reveal entry and exit points.
  2. Excluding Bats in Buildings

Bats and Rabies

Only a small percentage of bats carry rabies, but proper clothes (coveralls, hard hat and heavy leather gloves) should be worn during any bat control procedures.