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QUESTION: Will the ET Pest Control hurt my Dog, Cat, or Bird?
ANSWER: Absolutely Not! The ET Pest Control uses ultrasonic sounds that are way to high for most common pets to hear.
QUESTION: Can the ET Pest Control be use out side?
ANSWER: Yes…….But you must place the ET Pest Control in an area where it can not get wet as water can damage the speaker.
QUESTION: Can I use the ET Pest Control on the end of an extension cord?
ANSWER: Yes……We recommend this for the hard to reach places. Also flat plug in strips work great for positioning your repeller.
QUESTION: Should I be able to hear the ET Pest Control?
ANSWER: No not really!……..The only thing you might be able to hear is a slight clicking noise, but right up close. This noise would be only heard on the “OUTPUT RANDOM OPTION” as the ultrasonic sounds are being admitted from speaker to speaker.
QUESTION: Is my ET Pest Control working properly if its making noise. (squealing whining)
ANSWER: Absolutely not.  The speaker is not working properly and in this case it will not repel. We recommend contacting us so we can help you out with this issue.