Severe Pest Control Problems in a Efficiency Apartment

ET Pest Control Proper Application

For a Severe Pest Problem in a Efficiency Apartment we recommend 3 ET Pest Controls. By placing 2 ET Pest Control covering living room area and the other in the bathroom you will find that this type of coverage should result into total domination of your pest problem. Allow 4-6 weeks for a full positive result.

The ET Pest Control will instantly go to work the minute you plug it in and setting the unit to target your pest problem in a efficiency apt. is as easy as a click of a switch. Very simply instructions come with.

For Severe Pest Control Problems in a Efficiency Apartment

D&R Technologies LLC Recommends 3 ET Pest Control

PEST CONTROL | Direct Targeting Targets Insects/ Bats/ Bugs


90.00 Internet Low Price $49.99 per unit
The ET Pest Control is Safe, humane, and saves you money when it comes to expensive exterminators that spray poisons to get rid of most pest problems.

ET Pest Control = The #1 Electronic Pest Repeller.

For Insect it takes 6 weeks and for most Rodents 3-4 weeks of ET Electronic Pest Repelling to see full positive results.

This is why we offer a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on the ET Electronic Pest Control.

It can take time to eliminate pest problems, but once under control with the proper application you will be protected from unwanted pest.